Just in time for the demise of Howard Stern, Coast-To-Coast Talent Group presents comedy sensation Stephanie Blum’s uncensored, cutting edge, LIVE talk radio show that one listener says “stands in the grand tradition of a “Seinfeld” or “Curb.” Blum is a licensed school-psychologist and the star of TLC’s weekly series, #WhatSheSaid. She and her husband Greg deliver an outrageous and compelling content based on the biting sarcasm of her award-winning stand-up comedy.

From the perspective of this married couple of twenty years, pop-culture comes alive with Stephanie’s down-to-earth, hilarious take on today’s insane current events. And, as parents of three children, coping with day-to-day struggles reveals authentic conflicts exhibiting excessive political incorrectness and laugh-out-loud survival techniques that anyone with a family can relate to.

These two native New Yorkers are misplaced in Hollywood as they reveal dirt on their celebrity neighbors and other L.A. “D” listers. Along with their “in-studio” wacky cast members, they hit the hottest, controversial issues with highly opinionated rants on topics like Bill Cosby, transgender assignment, eating disorders, media manipulation, and the existence of “soul mates.”